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Inua Expeditions is owned and operated by Richard and Amanda Hume of Jack Hume Adventures Inc. - 30 Years of outfitting in the region of Nunavik


Join us on an unforgettable expedition, far from the reaches of civilization, to the rugged and vast tundra of Nunavik, Quebec.

Virtually untouched by humans, the region offers a truly wild experience to those who visit during the only 3 months of the year when the lakes are not frozen – July, August and September.

During this time period, hungry lake trout, trophy brook trout, northern pike, Ouananiche, landlocked char and Atlantic Salmon make their way through extensive river systems and lakes. Tundra black bear emerge from their dens in search of food to fill their bellies before the fast-approaching winter, while ptarmigan, spruce grouse and snow geese flock the shorelines in great numbers. Perhaps the most impressive photo opportunities can be observed during the migration of the Quebec Labrador caribou, who embark on their yearly trek south from mid-August to late September.

The region of Nunavik stretches over 170,000 sq mi above the 55th parallel in Quebec. Our base camp lies along the southern edge of this territory in an area called Caniapiscau – where the headwaters of the Caniapiscau River flow from the Caniapiscau Reservoir. The closest town by ground is Radisson, Qc – about 460 miles southwest, and the closest town by air is Schefferville, Qc - 120 miles due east.

From base camp, clients are transported by float plane between 70-200 miles further north depending on their interests and planned activities.

For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide quality expeditions to small groups of outdoor enthusiasts. We concentrate on personalized service, ease of transportation, fair chase, and above all, safety. We strive to create lifetime memories for groups of family and friends in an area that is out of this world, and close to our hearts!

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